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Southern California Construction Defect Lawyer

Manhattan Beach, California, Construction Defect Attorney

Construction defects are the single biggest threat to the value of your home. Severe or persistent rainwater leaks are often the only visible sign that your builder did not construct your home properly. If something as important as the waterproofing is flawed, chances are there are other significant problems hidden in your home that you cannot see. If you are experiencing severe water intrusion or other serious flaws, or are concerned about your property, you should consult with an experienced construction defect attorney.

Norton & Associates, a construction defect law firm, has been successfully protecting California homeowners' investments in their homes for 24 years. Norton & Associates has expertise in all aspects of building and construction, building codes and standards for workmanship, construction contracts and contractor insurance policies. Recovering your damages and your cost of repair is our focus and our passion. We leave no stone unturned, and pursue builders, developers, subcontractors and their insurance policies for the maximum recovery.

Timothy L. Norton is a highly skilled Southern California construction defect trial lawyer, having won over $190 million in jury verdict awards and damages against builders and contractors for construction defects.

Since many construction defect cases are settled before trial, it takes a highly skilled negotiator to settle your case for the maximum value. In the high stakes game of construction defect negotiations, Timothy L. Norton has the technical knowledge, the familiarity with the best construction defect mediators and judges, the expertise in insurance coverage and construction law, as well as the skills of timing and gamesmanship to bring about the optimal negotiated settlement for you.

Timothy L. Norton is experienced in handling all types of construction and construction defect matters.

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